Map Wall Art

So I went to Goodwill again. Love that place.

I found this encyclopedia from 1959 for 50 cents, and it had this really pretty old school map in the front and back covers. Apparently it was once a library book, which I know because it has “WITHDRAWN” stamped over the Soviet Union on the front cover. I think that’s hilarious, but that’s just me.


A lovely map like that needs some seriously good fabric/paper to back it, and some nice frames. I ended up buying three black picture frames (and glass) for $2.99 each, (total cost on this project < $1o) which is exactly why I love Goodwill so much.




Here they are all framed up. Each page needed a little trimming, but together they make a map of the world.



I thought this illustration of a flower was lovely, so I cut out the encyclopedia entry and framed that too, just to complete the set.


Now my wall looks like this! I feel like I have real art.

Project cost: $8.50


4 responses to “Map Wall Art

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  4. Great idea – I love maps!

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