Copy-cat Earrings

It all started when I saw a friend wearing these earrings.

2015-04-22 20.08.21

Immediately I thought of Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork, a book which I love, and have definitely mentioned several times before.


The shape of the earring was what really caught my eye and I just had to recreate it.


Obviously the chain was an important part of the shape as well, and I decided to mix it up a little bit. Her chain is uniform, but I quite like the variety of the chains.

I had used up most of that blue color, and I’m trying to finish up the odds and ends of my seed beads. I have many colors and shapes for which there are only 30-50 or so left. So here is a pair of earrings I made with that in mind!


Again, you can see the last of the blue featured here. I just love that color and I’m very excited to wear them.

April Re-vamp: Owl Cross Stitch

This month, my roommate had a birthday, and I decided to revisit a project which I really liked but ultimately went nowhere because I didn’t have a use for it.


Specifically, this adorable little owl.


I had the chance to turn him (and a few of his buddies) into a lovely bookmark.


Very fun, no?

A Ship!

Today, I’m sharing another project from the children’s show I’m working on (yes, the same show as the compass). This is something I’m really quite proud of, as it took me much longer than strictly necessary.


One thing you should know about this show before I start telling you about my ship, is that it’s a show about travel, and especially a show about boats. (More about that to come)

2015-04-06 18.47.01

My ship is made of an old shirt, cardboard, ka-bob skewers, and some paint (and bits and bobs I had stashed away)


I glued together some skewers for the masts and painted them.


Then I created the sides of the boat from a few layers of cardboard and hot glue (I used over 3 packages of hot glue for the show!)


I built a few decks, and started to lay in some shading,


and then continued the wood-grain painting for the rest of the ship.


Finally, I added some sails!


and some “rope”, chain, and other “nautical accessories”.

2015-04-06 20.49.14

This picture better represents the color of the paint, and you can see some of the “nautical accessories”. All in all it took me almost 15 hours (probably, I wasn’t counting) to build this really fun piece, which is headed for an elementary school classroom after the show ends. In total I spent about 1$ on the old shirt, and 3$ on the ka-bob skewers (which I’d actually purchased for the pile of boats shown above, so it kind of doesn’t count). The paint and “nautical accessories” I already had.

And a bonus picture of the compass under light! It looks so good!

2015-04-06 19.07.30

Lots of Cardboard

Hi! Just a quick note- I’ve been in the middle of tech this week and next week, but I wanted to share something I made with lots of cardboard and some paper and paint for a children’s show I’m working on.


It’s a compass! It’s large! You can move the dial by hand!

This show is seriously adorable though, and I can’t wait to share more of my projects from it with you next week. :)


I really like to wear my hair up, but in the winter I’m not able to do that and also wear a hat. I’d been putting this project off for too long, but this week I finally bit the bullet and made a headband.

2015-03-26 13.30.29

This shot isn’t great, but it does give you an idea of the back of the headband, in the mirror there.

2015-03-26 20.57.59

The yarn I used was this really sweet, crocheted tube yarn which was super stretchy, so it became a really close, warm knit. I really like the variation in color, which is super subtle (but matches my eyes, if you didn’t notice) and while the knit being so close resulted in it taking a really long time, it was still a really great project.

March Re-vamp: Tube Bracelet

This month’s re-vamp is another literal re-vamp (just like January’s) because I was not quite satisfied with the way that the previous bracelet had turned out. I’m really excited to share with you all!

Tubes really seem to be my thing this month. In truth, I’ve had these silver tubes for a really really really long time, and I’ve always been in love with them. Until now, I’d never really found a design for them which works (including these earrings, which I ended up creating with beaded tubes instead of the silver ones.)


Ultimately, I made a series of beaded tubes using that same technique to accompany them in this great bracelet. I’m super happy with how it turned out!


As part of the revamp, I replaced the beaded link which kept the tubes together with the thick leather. It really works much better for the bracelet, and I feel totally stylish whenever I wear it!

Surprise Corned Beef

Kind of out of the blue, and almost a year later, but I’m adding to the Not Food Project. The show I’m working on now is with the same company as Top Girls, and the director requested a plate of corned beef along the same lines as that food. So I started with this image.

reference image corned beef

I cut some cardboard to shape, painted it and added some strategic shrink wrap to make it shine a little bit (just like I did for my apple pie), and added some ribbon rissotto and some bead peas, and then painted it again to give it some depth.


All in all, not bad for a plate of unrealistic corned beef!


Bon Apetit!