I love the Minneapolis Skyline

I’m spending the next few days decorating my apartment. I’m still in University housing, so I can’t paint any walls, and my bedroom art is pretty much the same as last semester, but this semester I’ve decided on a basic color scheme for the living room.

I’m going with grey, various blues, black, and a hint of gold, teal/seafoam/ugly couch that I’m stuck with green, and mustard for an accent color. I’ve got a few projects in these colors, and I completed the first of them today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my Mpls skyline project for the living room wall.


I think it turned out fairly well. I bought these frames at Goodwill for about $2 each the other day. They’re just poster frames with plastic casing, not glass so they’re not heavy.


I used google to find a silhouette of the Mpls skyline, and hand copied it to larger paper, over the backs of the frames I was using.


I then stuck my black paper underneath my sketch and cut it all out with an exacto and a straight edge. Back with pretty paper and voila!

Wall art!


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