I’ve not been around much

I’ve been doing a lot of things. I was working on a show, which just closed.


Pretty set, no? I love this lighting.

We did a stage adaption of Donnie Darko. No, it didn’t make any more sense than the movie. Here are some chairs, with a stencil detail for your viewing pleasure.


I’m actually rather fond of these.


I also tackled the lego cookies I saw somewhere on the internet. They’re basic sugar cookies with a decent amount of food coloring in the frosting and M&Ms.




They turned out well, no?

I’m also working on a project for my Mathematics of Art class. I did my first project analyzing the symmetry in the big Sashiko bracelet I made a while ago.


My second project is all very hush hush until I figure out exactly what I’m doing, but here’s a teaser.


There will be infinite pattern tiling involved, and I’m working out this idea with Borromean rings.

I’ll let you all know when that gets worked out. I’m pretty sure I’ll be proud of it when it’s done.



2 responses to “I’ve not been around much

  1. I want those stenciled chairs in my house!

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