About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is Helena. I’m a props artist working in NYC, currently at the Juilliard School.

I was an art fair kid growing up. My mother Julie creates beautiful handwoven carpets crafted from fabric which would otherwise have ended up in the scrap-bin, never to be used. Walking through my childhood home, there were always at least three full sized floor looms and a table loom ready for use. Our dining room was seldom used as such- it became our sewing table. When I was very small I earned money finishing the edges of her more delicate fabrics before she pre-washed them, at a dime a side. A few weekends a year all the hard work would culminate in chaos as we piled up the car with her display pieces, a rented tent, and  of course her rugs to go set up camp at some art fair or other.

My closet reflected the creative environment I grew up in. If you can imagine a craft, I tried it. Everything from knitting and crocheting to hooking pot holders and needle felting could be found in my closet. Eventually I settled on beadwork and sewing as my primary forms of expression, with the occasional appearance of a project involving mod-podge and paper, and some knitting and cross stitch.

Of course you can’t simply pin creative expression to one or two mediums. While I am a props artist professionally, that’s often not enough for me, and it’s important to me that I continue doing my own work outside of work.

Now here I am, an art fair kid all grown up, looking for an audience to share my varied projects with, because all my friends are probably tired of my repeated exclamations; “Look what I made!”

So poke about, take a gander at the things I’ve been working on. If you like something, leave a comment! If you hate something, tell me *why*. If you are interested in purchasing anything I’ve created, check under the “On Etsy” page, where you’ll find a link to my Etsy page as well as a complete listing of all the things I have on it currently.


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