A Year End Review

I just got my WordPress “annual report” today, and it inspired me to reflect on my work on this blog in a slightly different way than most people. Because I’ve never done a “year in review” post, I figured I could look back not only on this specific year, but also all of my posts. To this end, I’m going to talk a little bit about some of the projects completed in each month, January, February, ect, which I am particularly proud of or attached to, so that we can all appreciate my genius. I’m also going to use this next year as an opportunity to re-tool some of my older posts, to make them more readable and generally a better experience. One of my New Years resolutions is to re-imagine one of them each month so you can look forward to that in the next year as well!


Right off the bat this is going to be difficult. I’ve made some pretty cool things in Januaries past, but the two things in particular that I’d like to high light are this cashmere teddy bear I made in 2014…

IMG_5682 IMG_5684 IMG_5695

and this wonderfully disgusting decomposing jaw in a jar for a production of Radium Girls in January 2012. That was a super fun project.

IMG_0700 IMG_0721 IMG_0704


I’ve had some pretty successful Februaries over the years. Last February (2014) was a particularly busy month for me, as I was working on the not-food project throughout the month. You can see an entire collection of not-food in this tag, but here are some pictures from the February section of the project!

IMG_5732 IMG_5797 IMG_5904IMG_5858 IMG_5839 IMG_5785

The other February project I’d like to share is also from 2014. I finished this series of hoop earrings which have become some of my favorites in February, and I’ve been loving them ever since.

IMG_3177 IMG_4103 IMG_5812


March is usually a slow month for me. I did make these really awesome dragon earrings in 2012, which I still love a lot.

IMG_1406 IMG_1413 IMG_1408

In 2013 I also got my hands on this really fun map in an old encyclopedia from 1959, and made some really cool wall art from it.

IMG_4271 IMG_4274 IMG_4275


In April 2013 I did a really cool project based on pattern, symmetry, and geometry for a Mathematics of Art class I was taking at the time.

Pattern 1 IMG_4281 IMG_4328

I also followed up on my Radium Girls experience with some paper props; newspapers and labels, which I put together for the show. I’m still very proud of those newspapers.

Newark Newspaper IMG_1668 IMG_1662


It was really hard to choose only two projects from May- there were so many great ones! In 2014 I made a set of two hats for some May birthdays which I was really proud of.

2014-05-14 21.00.50 photo 3 photo 2

In 2012 I had my wisdom teeth out and hand stitched a mini-Dr. Who scarf necklace which is still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

IMG_2144 IMG_2141 IMG_2136


June is a very bleak month for me craft-wise. I’m usually in transition and unable to really make a lot of things in June. In 2013, however, I did start some more complicated cross-stitch projects which were really fun, and I managed to finish this heart piece with a quote from Dr. Horrible.


I also made some really cool jewelry based on some vintage buttons from the Czech Republic in 2012 that I still really like.

IMG_2329 IMG_2333 IMG_2342


My two favorite July projects are very different from each other. First, I loved the mini paper baskets I made for the Pintester Challenge, which were totally made of recycled materials.

IMG_4738 IMG_4756 IMG_4770

Second, I want to share these really fun monster earrings inspired by some Czech glass teddy bear eyes.

IMG_2717 IMG_2708 IMG_2693


This blog was started in August 2011, and I kicked off the blog with a ton of posts all at once. Perhaps one of my favorites of that first month of posts was this name tag holder that I made for my summer job that year.

IMG_0396 IMG_0393 IMG_0400

Additionally, in 2012 I made some wonderful beaded bracelets based off the Japanese sashiko style of embroidery.

IMG_2971 IMG_2976 Hands



In September 2011 I moved into a school apartment with some friends which had some pretty difficult furniture, so we made a bunch of pillows to make it a little more bearable. It was a lot of fun.

IMG_0055 IMG_0047 IMG_0051

In 2012 I finished a big bead weaving project and made a bracelet based on a Diane Fitzgerald design which I still really love.

Capture IMG_3105 IMG_3110


October is a pretty prop heavy month for me, generally speaking. In 2012 I made some really great fake wax seals and some lovely stationary which I had a lot of fun with.

IMG_3362 IMG_3373 IMG_3381

I also made some really cool Mario earrings in 2013 which are still a staple in my jewelry box.

IMG_0619 IMG_5368 IMG_5363


November 2011 saw the beginning of a trend for me in jewelry; big chunky seed bead woven bracelets. I’ve made a lot of them since then, but the turquoise bracelets I made that November were the first.

IMG_0335 IMG_0330 IMG_0327

This year November was the month of knitted hats. Many of my Christmas hats were made in November but shared in December, but I did make a few hats for myself, including re-working a previously knitted grey hat.

IMG_5908 2014-11-20 22.00.54 2014-11-20 21.59.10



Always a very busy month for me, this December in particular was packed with crafts and gifts. Especially cool, in my opinion, was the holiday place cards I created for the holiday party I threw this year.

IMG_2574 IMG_2585 IMG_2588


The other project I’d like to share from December was from December 2013, a coffee cozy project which I made for my Mom’s new ceramic coffee cup. It was really fun to work with felt and buttons on this project.

IMG_5639 IMG_5636 IMG_5626


And there you have it! Some of my favorite things that have happened for each month of the year. I’m really looking forward to some of the awesome things that will happen in the next year, and I hope you all are as excited as I am! Happy New Year!


2 responses to “A Year End Review

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  2. It is really cool to see this retrospective of your work this way…you’ve made so many beautiful things! I like that your skills span quite a range of objects and techniques. Kudos.

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