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December Revamp: A Hat

This revamp marks probably the first New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever actually completed! I didn’t skip a single month, and I’m pretty proud of many of the projects and posts I’ve improved and re-done over the last year. Check out the full, year-long project here!

This month, I am proud both of the project I am revamping and the project I produced. I’ve made several of these floppy, flippable hats in the past and now I’m happy to add one more to that number.

My brother wore the last one down to rags, so I’m hoping that he’ll like the new one as much as the old.


Also, I made a matching scarf. Merry Christmas Everyone!


September Revamp: To Do List

Last month’s re-vamp post in many ways inspired this one. If you recall, it was based on a project which I had chosen to include in a to-do list in 2012. I usually don’t make my crafty to-do lists public, unless I have some great inspiration images or I’m in a period of unusual transition in my life. I seem to be meeting both of those criteria this month, since I’m moving into a new apartment next month and I have some really fun and interesting ideas I want to share with you. As per usual, I found most of my ideas on Pinterest.


A friend recently gave me some lovely wood pieces and I’m definitely inspired by this combination of wood and pearl. I’m hoping to find a good way to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in a few pairs of earrings.


There is another piece I have in mind inspired by this bracelet (which inspired these bracelets). I am hoping to drill holes in the tin I currently store embroidery floss in, and plan to embroider a traditional flower pattern using those holes. I’m pretty excited about the idea.


I think I’m going to follow up on this pair of earrings from April by making a second pair of puffy geometric shapes, maybe triangles. I’ll have my craft supplies and my beads back again this weekend so I will be able to really dive into something like this again.


This project is not exactly what I plan to do, but it has a lot of similarities. I have a lot of really really lovely broken china from work, and when I move into my new place I’ll be acquiring a three level rolling cart. I plan to mosaic the tops of the shelves and make it a nice addition to our kitchen with some plants ect. on it.

img_0413 - Copy luv final - Copy

And finally, I have fallen in love with the idea of making my own face scrubbers and dish scrubbers, and as soon as I’m in my own apartment I intend to do just that. I actually already have the cotton to do these projects, for the most part, so they should be a snap to churn out, and super useful!

I only ended up completing 3 of the 5 projects I included in the first to-do list. This is pretty par for the course; there are always ideas which seem great to me at the time but don’t really have a place in my life/don’t end up coming to fruition because I lose interest in them. I’m sure this list will be no different, but my goal is to complete at least half of these projects by the end of the year. I will periodically come back to update this list with links and images to the completed projects, as I have now done with the old list from 2012.


I really like to wear my hair up, but in the winter I’m not able to do that and also wear a hat. I’d been putting this project off for too long, but this week I finally bit the bullet and made a headband.

2015-03-26 13.30.29

This shot isn’t great, but it does give you an idea of the back of the headband, in the mirror there.

2015-03-26 20.57.59

The yarn I used was this really sweet, crocheted tube yarn which was super stretchy, so it became a really close, warm knit. I really like the variation in color, which is super subtle (but matches my eyes, if you didn’t notice) and while the knit being so close resulted in it taking a really long time, it was still a really great project.

Knitted Bunny Plushie Tutorial

I just visited my second cousin in NY this weekend, and met her baby girl (my second cousin once removed) for the first time. Surely such an auspicious occasion requires a gift, so I made this quick and easy bunny plushie to bring along. I saw the project originally on Pinterest (of course), and I struggled a bit in understanding the project (there wasn’t exactly a tutorial, just a series of photos) so I’m writing a tutorial here for the knitted square bunny in the name of clarification.


First, you’ll need two knitted squares.


Specifically, I made one large square using the stockinette stitch, and a smaller square for the tail using the moss stitch.


For those interested, my stitch count for the big one was 100 and the small one was 20, so the little one should be 1/5 of the size of the big one.


Take your same-color yarn and weave it in a triangle so that you make ears out of the corners.



Then, complete your triangle by crossing the center to create a pocket, which you will stuff to create the face of your bunny.


Once you’ve stuffed the face of your bunny, pull your stitches so that the hole cinches tightly. Wrap your yarn around it a few times and tie to secure it.


Then, using another length of yarn, start stitching up the rest of your knitting, sewing the edges together. Through all of this stitching you’ll wanna use a running stitch to be sure that you can cinch it as needed.


Stuff the tube you just created about halfway full. The name of the game with this bunny is don’t over-stuff. You’re gonna need to fold it over on itself in a minute.


Finally, stitch together the end of the bunny tube, so that it’s all sealed up.


Cinch the end of your bunny tube so that it looks like this.


Take the end of the yarn and wrap it around your bunny’s neck so that it becomes a folded over bundle. This is the part of the tutorial I had the hardest time getting right, so I definitely un-stitched and re-stitched my bunny tube a few times to get the level of stuffing right.


Feel free to punch him a few times in the right places to make sure he’s going to sit the way you want him to.


Wrap your yarn around his neck a few times and tie it off, and you’re ready to cut the yarn and start on the tail.


Take your little square…


Stitch around the perimeter with a running stitch (again, the cinching is important in this scenario)


fill him with stuffing…


cinch him and tie him off!


Then you can stitch the tail right onto his little tush. Super easy.


To finish him off, add a bright ribbon around the neck and embroider him some eyes and a little wiggly nose!


Super cute, super easy!


Red and Purple Stripes!

One more scarf for the holidays!


This one is as bright and vibrant as its recipient, and I had a lot of fun making it!

WVU Inspired Scarf

Another Christmas Gift was given today, so I can share with you!

download (7)

My good buddy is a University of West Virginia alum, and inspired by his alma mater, I just had to knit him this scarf for Christmas


It turned out really well!

Family Knitting

Perhaps my most careful gifts this year were for my family: a hat for my dad,

2014-12-11 12.47.00

A scarf for my brother to match the hat I made him for his birthday,


And these cute coffee cup cozies for my mom, who drinks from a reusable ceramic coffee cup inspired by this.


Happy Holidays!