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Lily Earrings Triumph


There’s a 10 year long story behind these earrings, and it starts, as so many of my bead stories do, with Diane Fitzgerald. When I was 12 I saw her at the Upper Midwest Bead Society show, and she had her ginko leaf necklace with her. Every time I’ve met her, she’s been so nice and so sweet but this first meeting was special because she sold me not only my first set of Delicas but also her Beading with Brick Stitch book.

I’ve never been one to follow a pattern, but I used the book to learn the basics of brick stitch, and eventually had made this bouquet of beaded flowers (and hey look, the edging on the peach colored carnation and on the purple carnation were both from that original packet of Delicas she sold me)


This was a big project for me, and I had planned to add other kinds of flowers, but I stalled on the lily. I had wanted to add some really large, lovely white calla-lillies but couldn’t work out the shaping in either peyote or brick stitch, so I set aside the project and moved on to other things.

Then, this summer, I saw this pin, a pattern by Linda Richmond.

I’d been working on this shape for about 8 years at this point, off and on. It was always in the back of my mind, so I bought the pattern. And promptly failed at figuring it out.

Then I moved around a bunch and didn’t have time to tackle it. Finally, over my Christmas time off, I managed to figure it out… sort of.


They’re a lot smaller, and not really the same shape, and instead of doing the center stamens and the rest of the pattern I did something similar to these earrings and just used chain. (I told you I rarely follow the pattern). I’m a little bit in love with these ones though, they’re very elegant.

Next time I’ll mess with the counts and the increases a little more to get the larger flowers shaped correctly. The saga of the lily shape continues….


Chic Geometric Drop Earrings

I was inspired by a pair of earrings I saw on a girl in an elevator this week, and felt like I could really use a similar pair.


… then I made two pairs. Viola.


I am really in love with the pearl and copper ones especially.

Pearl and Wood Earrings

Things are settling down for me a little bit, and I finally got to unpack my beads, so I was able to make some really fun earrings for a friend’s birthday. I think I mentioned this idea in this post, actually.


My friend makes these lovely wooden post earrings with knots from natural wood. They’re so fun, but I saw the following image on Pinterest and I thought I could definitely do something different and fun with them!


I can’t decide which I like better, the white pearls or the brown ones.


Here’s a photo including the back side of these last earrings


The glass pearls and the wood tones really work well together!

September Revamp: To Do List

Last month’s re-vamp post in many ways inspired this one. If you recall, it was based on a project which I had chosen to include in a to-do list in 2012. I usually don’t make my crafty to-do lists public, unless I have some great inspiration images or I’m in a period of unusual transition in my life. I seem to be meeting both of those criteria this month, since I’m moving into a new apartment next month and I have some really fun and interesting ideas I want to share with you. As per usual, I found most of my ideas on Pinterest.


A friend recently gave me some lovely wood pieces and I’m definitely inspired by this combination of wood and pearl. I’m hoping to find a good way to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in a few pairs of earrings.


There is another piece I have in mind inspired by this bracelet (which inspired these bracelets). I am hoping to drill holes in the tin I currently store embroidery floss in, and plan to embroider a traditional flower pattern using those holes. I’m pretty excited about the idea.


I think I’m going to follow up on this pair of earrings from April by making a second pair of puffy geometric shapes, maybe triangles. I’ll have my craft supplies and my beads back again this weekend so I will be able to really dive into something like this again.


This project is not exactly what I plan to do, but it has a lot of similarities. I have a lot of really really lovely broken china from work, and when I move into my new place I’ll be acquiring a three level rolling cart. I plan to mosaic the tops of the shelves and make it a nice addition to our kitchen with some plants ect. on it.

img_0413 - Copy luv final - Copy

And finally, I have fallen in love with the idea of making my own face scrubbers and dish scrubbers, and as soon as I’m in my own apartment I intend to do just that. I actually already have the cotton to do these projects, for the most part, so they should be a snap to churn out, and super useful!

I only ended up completing 3 of the 5 projects I included in the first to-do list. This is pretty par for the course; there are always ideas which seem great to me at the time but don’t really have a place in my life/don’t end up coming to fruition because I lose interest in them. I’m sure this list will be no different, but my goal is to complete at least half of these projects by the end of the year. I will periodically come back to update this list with links and images to the completed projects, as I have now done with the old list from 2012.

July Revamp: Beaded Flower Hairpin

A long time ago, I made this hairpin.


I only got to wear it once before it fell out and I lost it. For my revamp this month I wanted to do something similar with some new seed beads (Toho PF2114, Cocoa Opal Silver Lined) which are just delicious.


If you notice, the original scrunched a bit in an odd way when it was in my hair.


I decided to use this as inspiration for the flower, so instead of this rounder design…


I flattened it and tacked it together for a flatter pin.


I’m so happy I have some of this left over- it’ll make a great accent color for another project someday.


Saturday Finds: Starburst Pendant

This week I turned this necklace…


Into this fun and easy starburst pendant!


Now I just need to get a hold of a good cord to hang it on!

Saturday Finds: What was a Watch is now a Pendant


A few weeks ago at the flea market I found this old watch backing, with some pretty engraving, for a few cents. I thought it’d make a nice pendant, with a little bezel setting.






and close up view.