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It’s Christmas Card Season!

Last year I did a lot for Christmas. We threw a party and there were place cards and everything. This year I anticipate being fairly busy, and I doubt I’ll have time to do nearly as much, but I did … Continue reading

Christmas Ornament!

I have to say, the minute I saw the Pintester’s newest Pintester Movement I was excited. I love pretty Christmas Ornaments and I was especially excited because finally this means I can set up a finicky bead project! This project … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts!!

I had to ship a good number of my gifts, so I wasn’t free to discuss them until I got word today that they’d been received. I made hand-bound journals for pretty much everyone on my list this year; they’re … Continue reading

Czech Christmas Ornaments

I swear this relates to beadwork. My grandmother visited the village of Ponikly, in the Krkonoše mountain range (blog post here) a while ago, and like the hoarder she is (I swear it’s an inherited gene) she picked up a … Continue reading

Christmas Presents!

And So Can YOU! I was going to wait tomorrow to share this, but I’m too dern proud of these gifts not to share them with everyone. I would have posted as I made them, but that ruins the surprise … Continue reading

Farewell For Now

Hi. I’m writing this specifically for those of you who are following me: all 46 of you. I am baffled and delighted by you guys, simply because for the 4+ years I’ve kept this blog I’ve never been writing for … Continue reading

Lily Earrings Triumph

There’s a 10 year long story behind these earrings, and it starts, as so many of my bead stories do, with Diane Fitzgerald. When I was 12 I saw her at the Upper Midwest Bead Society show, and she had … Continue reading

December Revamp: A Hat

This revamp marks probably the first New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever actually completed! I didn’t skip a single month, and I’m pretty proud of many of the projects and posts I’ve improved and re-done over the last year. Check out … Continue reading

TARDIS Cross Stitch

This is a little late, but I wanted to share this great cross stitch bookmark that I made for a good friend’s birthday. I found this project here, (on Pinterest, of course). I love how the TARDIS appears and disappears. In … Continue reading

Darn(ing) Ipod Case!

A long long time ago I was given an Ipod as a Christmas gift. I promptly made a case for it from denim and beads. And when that wore out, I made another one. And another. Lately, my case has been … Continue reading