No! My First Irreverent Cross Stitch

Just a quick project today, I found this really great frame at Goodwill and I just had to join in the tradition of irreverent embroidery. Because irreverent embroidery is awesome.


This is not my first foray into the intersection between traditional, demure, and feminine mediums and modernisms, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Either way I’m kind of in love with this new piece of art!


3 responses to “No! My First Irreverent Cross Stitch

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  2. If you iron your work right side down and with a spritzer bottle, you’ll be able to get the fabric fold to go away. Your stitches look great though!

    • I totally plan to! I just moved, so I haven’t got an iron right now but when I get one I’ll pop it out of the frame and smooth it out. I got impatient and wanted to share the project anyway. Thanks for the advice with the spritzer bottle though, I hadn’t thought of that.

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