August Revamp: Sewing Kit

I know I’m just squeezing this one in under the wire but it is still technically August so HA. I’ve moved again, I’m now based in NYC (!!!) and that’s most of why there hasn’t been much going on me-making-things-wise. Since I’ve moved, however, and am planning to make this city a permanent home for a while, I’m able to revisit a project I did while I was still mobile.

In 2012 I made a To-Do List. I make these all the time and rarely stick to them, but in this case I completed a whopping half the list, and one of those projects was this mason jar sewing kit.


What I ended up making was this more versatile cloth kit which I can carry in my bag and not worry about breaking.


Now that I’m more permanent I’ve created this awesome large version of the mason jar kit. I’m so excited for this to find a permanent home on my desk!



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