July Revamp: Beaded Flower Hairpin

A long time ago, I made this hairpin.


I only got to wear it once before it fell out and I lost it. For my revamp this month I wanted to do something similar with some new seed beads (Toho PF2114, Cocoa Opal Silver Lined) which are just delicious.


If you notice, the original scrunched a bit in an odd way when it was in my hair.


I decided to use this as inspiration for the flower, so instead of this rounder design…


I flattened it and tacked it together for a flatter pin.


I’m so happy I have some of this left over- it’ll make a great accent color for another project someday.



2 responses to “July Revamp: Beaded Flower Hairpin

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  2. Lucky person who found the yellow one you lost! Glad you could replace it. I like them both.

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