Smocked Pouch Tutorial


I’ve been looking at smocking tutorials for a while and when I saw this pin (in Russian, of course, and without a source, naturally) and felt the need to recreate it with this lovely fabric.


I am going to put words to images so that you can see how exactly I created this lovely stitched pattern, creating flowers out of the dots, since the original tutorial was missing that.


You want to pick a dot and anchor your thread just next to it, at about 1 o’ clock (if the dot were a clock). Make sure that the dot is on the far left of a group of four; you’ll be engaging all four of the dots in order to make your flower.


Then, working clockwise, enter the cloth just adjacent to the next dot at about 7 o’ clock, exiting on the other side of the dot at about 5 0′ clock.


Continue this pattern, entering the next dot in your square at about 11 0′ clock and exiting at about 7 0′ clock.


Do the same for the last dot in your square, entering at 1 o’ clock and exiting at 11 o’ clock.


Finally, you want to end up exiting your thread in the first dot, which you anchored your thread to, at (you guessed it) about 6 o’ clock.


Pull your thread tight and tie it off. Move to the next set of four in your row.


Work across the fabric until you have filled the space you intended to smock! You can use your fingers or a pencil to straighten out the folds between flowers once you’ve finished them. I chose to keep my stitches linked together, and lined my pouch in order to protect them, but it’s totally your call whether you do that or not.


As you can see above, the fabric “expands” below the smocking, which basically acts the same way that pleats do to gather and pooch fabric so keep that in mind when creating something functional using this technique.


I’m pretty happy with this pouch, though I’m not really sure what I’ll use it for yet I know it’ll come in handy!


One response to “Smocked Pouch Tutorial

  1. they look like little kisses. Cute!

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