Saturday Finds: Earrings to Spiral Bangles

This Saturday I found these earrings, which were silver and sorta OKish as they were.


However, I remembered this pin, and was reminded that as long as you can perforate it you can stitch it, as seen below.


Then, I noticed that the earrings were really easy to bend, and that when they were twisted, they turned into a great pair of bangles!


A little bit of embroidery floss later and viola!


The trickiest part of this transformation was making sure I stitched through each of the holes. Leaving a hole unused would remove the illusion which brings the stitches to the forefront.


This one was super fun, and I really like the result!


4 responses to “Saturday Finds: Earrings to Spiral Bangles

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  4. Looks like weaving to me! cool.

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