Saturday Finds: Orange Geometric Cuff Bracelet

Today’s Saturday Find is a bit of a cheat- I was traveling this weekend and didn’t actually find anything new to transform, but that’s OK because I did pick up some seed beads at the flea market last weekend, and decided to continue the tradition of geometric peyote cuff bracelets I started a few years ago. So technically, this is a Saturday Find since I did find the beads at the flea market last week.


The beads are these cool randomized two-toned beads in orange and silver. I thought they’d go great with some of the turquoise Czech seed beads I already have.


I created this great geometric pattern for the cuff band so that the focus could be the pattern but wouldn’t over-power the two toned beads.


I haven’t put a clasp on the bracelet yet, but I plan to add one of these clasps as soon as I get my hands on more wire.


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