Saturday Finds: Ring to Pendant

This post is the first in what I hope will be a series. There’s this wonderful flea market I’ve found which has some pretty terrible jewelry for cheap- jewelry which has good parts, good pieces which I can restructure into something new. I’m hoping to go once a week to pick up something fun for the weekend.

This week I found two items. The first was this bracelet, which I forgot to photograph while it was still whole.


The other item was this terrible ring. Seriously, it was elastic and giant and plastic and just bad.


I mean just look at this thing. Who does it fit? Is there anyone for whom it’d be comfortable?


I really liked the curved pieces (of which there were 5) and I knew I could create a fun pendant from them.


I was also able to salvage the soldered rings connecting the pieces of the bracelet above. I cannibalized and re-configured some of my other gold chains and used the soldered rings to help add some texture to the chain.


This is my final product, a great pendant with some chain tassel. I’ve created a lariat length chain, and you can sort of see the intended wear in the picture below.


I did have these pieces left over from the bracelet and the ring. Maybe next week I’ll come up with something fun for them!



3 responses to “Saturday Finds: Ring to Pendant

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  3. Good to see you are still up to your usual creative self, even with your time change!

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