A Ship!

Today, I’m sharing another project from the children’s show I’m working on (yes, the same show as the compass). This is something I’m really quite proud of, as it took me much longer than strictly necessary.


One thing you should know about this show before I start telling you about my ship, is that it’s a show about travel, and especially a show about boats. It also included many, many simpler boats, many of which I also made out of cardboard.

2015-04-06 18.47.01

My ship is made of an old shirt, cardboard, ka-bob skewers, and some paint (and bits and bobs I had stashed away)


I glued together some skewers for the masts and painted them.


Then I created the sides of the boat from a few layers of cardboard and hot glue (I used over 3 packages of hot glue for the show!)


I built a few decks, and started to lay in some shading,


and then continued the wood-grain painting for the rest of the ship.


Finally, I added some sails!


and some “rope”, chain, and other “nautical accessories”.

2015-04-06 20.49.14

This picture better represents the color of the paint, and you can see some of the “nautical accessories”. All in all it took me almost 15 hours (probably, I wasn’t counting) to build this really fun piece, which is headed for an elementary school classroom after the show ends. In total I spent about 1$ on the old shirt, and 3$ on the ka-bob skewers (which I’d actually purchased for the pile of boats shown above, so it kind of doesn’t count). The paint and “nautical accessories” I already had.

And a bonus picture of the compass under light! It looks so good!

2015-04-06 19.07.30


One response to “A Ship!

  1. That is so awesome. I wish I could have it!

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