I really like to wear my hair up, but in the winter I’m not able to do that and also wear a hat. I’d been putting this project off for too long, but this week I finally bit the bullet and made a headband.

2015-03-26 13.30.29

This shot isn’t great, but it does give you an idea of the back of the headband, in the mirror there.

2015-03-26 20.57.59

The yarn I used was this really sweet, crocheted tube yarn which was super stretchy, so it became a really close, warm knit. I really like the variation in color, which is super subtle (but matches my eyes, if you didn’t notice) and while the knit being so close resulted in it taking a really long time, it was still a really great project.


2 responses to “Headband

  1. Love it! Really nice knitting. Is that the yarn you got for Christmas? I like the dark edging too. Looks comfy and warm.

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