March Re-vamp: Tube Bracelet

This month’s re-vamp is another literal re-vamp (just like January’s) because I was not quite satisfied with the way that the previous bracelet had turned out. I’m really excited to share with you all!

Tubes really seem to be my thing this month. In truth, I’ve had these silver tubes for a really really really long time, and I’ve always been in love with them. Until now, I’d never really found a design for them which works (including these earrings, which I ended up creating with beaded tubes instead of the silver ones.)


Ultimately, I made a series of beaded tubes using that same technique to accompany them in this great bracelet. I’m super happy with how it turned out!


As part of the revamp, I replaced the beaded link which kept the tubes together with the thick leather. It really works much better for the bracelet, and I feel totally stylish whenever I wear it!


One response to “March Re-vamp: Tube Bracelet

  1. Very nice. I like the addition of the leather. Nice contrast in texture and color.

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