Knitted Bunny Plushie Tutorial

I just visited my second cousin in NY this weekend, and met her baby girl (my second cousin once removed) for the first time. Surely such an auspicious occasion requires a gift, so I made this quick and easy bunny plushie to bring along. I saw the project originally on Pinterest (of course), and I struggled a bit in understanding the project (there wasn’t exactly a tutorial, just a series of photos) so I’m writing a tutorial here for the knitted square bunny in the name of clarification.


First, you’ll need two knitted squares.


Specifically, I made one large square using the stockinette stitch, and a smaller square for the tail using the moss stitch.


For those interested, my stitch count for the big one was 100 and the small one was 20, so the little one should be 1/5 of the size of the big one.


Take your same-color yarn and weave it in a triangle so that you make ears out of the corners.



Then, complete your triangle by crossing the center to create a pocket, which you will stuff to create the face of your bunny.


Once you’ve stuffed the face of your bunny, pull your stitches so that the hole cinches tightly. Wrap your yarn around it a few times and tie to secure it.


Then, using another length of yarn, start stitching up the rest of your knitting, sewing the edges together. Through all of this stitching you’ll wanna use a running stitch to be sure that you can cinch it as needed.


Stuff the tube you just created about halfway full. The name of the game with this bunny is don’t over-stuff. You’re gonna need to fold it over on itself in a minute.


Finally, stitch together the end of the bunny tube, so that it’s all sealed up.


Cinch the end of your bunny tube so that it looks like this.


Take the end of the yarn and wrap it around your bunny’s neck so that it becomes a folded over bundle. This is the part of the tutorial I had the hardest time getting right, so I definitely un-stitched and re-stitched my bunny tube a few times to get the level of stuffing right.


Feel free to punch him a few times in the right places to make sure he’s going to sit the way you want him to.


Wrap your yarn around his neck a few times and tie it off, and you’re ready to cut the yarn and start on the tail.


Take your little square…


Stitch around the perimeter with a running stitch (again, the cinching is important in this scenario)


fill him with stuffing…


cinch him and tie him off!


Then you can stitch the tail right onto his little tush. Super easy.


To finish him off, add a bright ribbon around the neck and embroider him some eyes and a little wiggly nose!


Super cute, super easy!



2 responses to “Knitted Bunny Plushie Tutorial

  1. I used the 100% wool- it’s very soft and washes pretty well.

  2. That is really cute! Love the colors. What kind of yarn did you use?

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