January Re-vamp: Peyote Chain Link Bracelet

As I mentioned in my Year-End Review, one of my resolutions this year is to re-vamp some projects or blog posts which I feel could be improved. For January, I’ve chosen this chain bracelet.


This picture is already, a re-vamp. I ended up wanting to expand the project (if you remember, the original version from Diane Fitzgerald was a full necklace) so I split the clasp apart and created a link using just one magnetic clasp instead of two so that I could make two links and therefore two parts to what would eventually be a bracelet-necklace combo. 


There are two parts to this chain, a longer choker necklace version, and a shorter bracelet version, each with their own clasp link so that they can be worn simultaneously. Or, if preferred, they can be linked together and worn as one longer piece.

IMG_2768 IMG_2761 IMG_2759

This project was a longer-term project which took quite a bit of time to complete, but I’m really happy with the results.


4 responses to “January Re-vamp: Peyote Chain Link Bracelet

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  4. Wow, that is really clever! As Babi says, you are so handy. I love what you’ve done with this piece.

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