Tube Bracelet

Update: I’ve re-vamped this post, replacing the photos with higher quality photos of the re-imagined project as part of my re-vamp series for 2015. The old photos are no longer available.

Tubes really seem to be my thing this month. In truth, I’ve had these silver tubes for a really really really long time, and I’ve always been in love with them. Until now, I’d never really found a design for them which works (including these earrings, which I ended up creating with beaded tubes instead of the silver ones.)


Ultimately, I made a series of beaded tubes using that same technique to accompany them in this great bracelet. I’m super happy with how it turned out!


As part of the revamp, I replaced the beaded link which kept the tubes together with the thick leather. It really works much better for the bracelet, and I feel totally stylish whenever I wear it!


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