How to Make: Scrap Paper Last-minute Holiday Cards

It’s the day before Christmas and like probably everyone else, there’s some little piece of my Christmas puzzle missing. In my case, it’s holiday cards. I haven’t sent any yet, and I know I was supposed to do that.


For you it might be gift tags on your last minute gifts, or name cards for your table, or even thank you cards to be sent hopefully within a month of Christmas as soon as possible (this one also applies to me whoops).

This quick and easy scrap paper holiday tree design is simple and fun and takes very little time, so you can get on with the rest of your little holiday details, so I’m going to share with you my process.


You will need scrap paper in various patterns (Christmas-y colors are great but really any colors will do) as well as cardstock for the base of your cards (or name tags or gift tags or whatever)

First you’ll want to make your bases- I just fold one piece of cardstock in half and in half the other way, cutting to make each card half of the whole piece. This is one easy way to do it, but you can alter your card size as need-be.


Cut graded triangles (meaning each one slightly larger than the last) from your scrap paper and arrange them so you like the color progression.



Don’t forget to add a small rectangle of scrap paper at the bottom of the tree for the trunk.



Glue the triangles so that they over-lap and add the trunk, and voila! A classy, simple holiday design for any paper details in your life. I use rubber cement for projects like this because I can rub away any outlying glue without damage to the card, but it still stays put. Elmer’s would also work well.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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