The Perfect Holiday Party: A Loose Guide

I traveled to DC this weekend to throw a really awesome Holiday Party with my cousin. We spent about a month and a half planning it, with the help of Pinterest, and I wanted to share some of the food and decorations with you!


We did several different things with baubles, including these really simple garlands (inspiration here) made with ornament baubles and fishing line, and these little ornament bundles with ribbon and silk leaves and flowers (inspiration here).


We also hung a bunch of ribbon bows around the apartment. It was all very festive and tasteful, but on to the important part, the food!


We did an appetizer layout with baked brie and apple slices, crackers and cream cheese and cranberry jelly dip, featuring this lovely centerpiece inspired by this pin.


Of course I have to feature the holiday place cards I made last week!


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our dessert, which was these oreo-peppermint truffles. They were very very easy to make and absolutely delicious, if very very rich. I could only eat one in a sitting, and I have a terrible sweet tooth!


All in all a very fun and successful party!


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