Holiday Place Cards: A How-To

Today, as a lead into the holidays, I’m sharing a tutorial for these adorable place cards/name tags for the holiday party I’m throwing this weekend.

They’re so adorable and guess what I made them out of?


That’s right! Paint Chips! You’ll also need some cream cardstock, some patterned paper (mine’s the striped red and white tissue paper), and I used some lovely pearl stickers as accents. These are optional. Also important are the wonderful Elmer’s tacky glue, and a hole punch (mine happens to be heart shaped because…reasons.)


First, cut an almost-square from the cream cardstock. Mine was 3.5″ x 4″ approximately.


Fold it in half like a hot dog.


At this point I like to score the fold, and then weigh it down under something kinda heavy, like my button jar or a glass of water.


Below you see some of the basic makeup of the cards- specifically the piece where the writing goes later.


You’ll want to layer a small section of the patterned paper, and a section of the cream (or if you want to be extra fancy, get your hands on some white card stock and use that) on top in a place that looks good, leaving some room to the side for your wreath or tree.


A thin layer of tacky glue works for this, though I did use rubber cement for this part of it, because I had some extra. For the little pieces, though you’ll want to use tacky glue for extra security.

These are close ups of the parts you’ll need for the wreath and the tree, respectively. You’ll want a bunch of green heart shapes for the wreathes, as well as two red ones for the bow and the pearl accent. For the trees, you’ll want four triangles in ascending order, a piece for the trunk, and the pearl accents.


This is an image of my setup, I tried to vary the colors I used in both the trees and the wreathes in order to keep it interesting.


Glue the pieces together in the shape of the accent you want to make- starting with the trunk and layering the pieces for the tree and layering the hearts over each other for the wreath.


Make sure you use tacky glue to reinforce the pearls, I never trust adhesives from the product!

Enjoy making them! Once you have an army of them you’ll be ready to throw a party and label the cookies with “gluten free” or the dip as “containing nuts”!



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