Beads with Two Holes

Recently, I’ve been working with a new set of lovey grey two-hole beads from Preciosa that I got this summer. They’re beautiful and the color is sort of deep and two toned and I love them.


Of course, I had to try out this flat herringbone pattern with them which comes from here. It took me almost three months to track down that link (I saw the original idea on Pinterest)


The second bracelet I made was a simple peyote using only the two hole beads. It’s got a lovely texture to it which makes me really happy.


Finish them off with button clasps, and you’ve got a fun bracelet! I’m loving this two-hole bead system!


2 responses to “Beads with Two Holes

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  2. Very nice. I love the random placement of the two colors of smaller beads in the herringbone bracelet.

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