In The Last Month

Guys, I’m going to level with you.

If you know me, if you’ve been following me at all, you know I never stop making things. I’ve got very little that I can point to and say “I didn’t have the urge to make something to improve this” and that’s a part of who I am that I’m proud of. That being said, my life has been structured kind of differently over the last month. It’s not an immediately visible change, but I’m keenly aware of it. So, as I often do, I am marking this change in my life by very literally moving on. 

In The Last Month

In the last month, I opened an Opera. This Opera was called Der Vampyr and many of you probably remember it because I posted about the totally delicious pillows I made for it just over a month ago. This opera was a delight to participate in, with a great group of people and a fun set of challenges. And a target with Edward Cullen’s face on it. Image


I promise to loop you all in when I’ve got pictures up on the website; it was a delicious production.

I also had a family wedding in Michigan, and the end of an era in Boston with the end of my 6-mo semester working. I had a lot going on and while I did make a good many things, most of them were personal jewelry I didn’t end up photographing. In all it was a great month, but a bit bare on the creativity front.

In The Next Two Months

I’m off to Prague again. I’m sure the mood will catch me, as it often does, to make more fabulous things while I’m there, but my primary goal is to do some archival research and have some family time. I hope to be less sporadic about posting (a whole month of radio silence, really?) but you all should know I might not have all that much to say. Of course, in the fall when I am tasked with, yet again, making university housing a home, you will definitely hear from me. 





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