Sodalite Earrings

I’ve been struggling for a while now to use these really pretty sodalite donuts that I’ve had for a while. You’ve seen them before, in this post.


I ended up disassembling those earrings, because I didn’t like the way they hung. So it was back to square one until I saw these beauties from Artistikat on Artfire. 


I thought, wow. This might be the right way to present those stones.

So I made my own version.


Once again my photography has failed to do them justice, but I’m really excited about them!


2 responses to “Sodalite Earrings

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  2. Wow. I really like these. Did you know Bead Monkey is moving? Just up the street, next to Bruegger’s, on Penn and 50th, across the street from the second hand shop. If I find some donuts I like, will you make a pair for me? Love, mom.

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