Steak and Potatoes

Vegetarians look out! This project was actually a bit of a process for me. I didn’t have a really clear idea what I was looking for for the steak specifically. I was looking at reference photos of real steak and photos of fake steak that I had collected from the internet, and I couldn’t really rectify the differences between them in my head.

I started with both of these images.



As you can see, the first one is more of a caricature of a T bone stake made of felt than anything else, and the second is an actual photo of a steak from a food magazine.

I couldn’t decide quite how to go about this, so I ended up making one of each. Not surprisingly, it was the more “realistic” version that was a little bit more difficult than the caricatured version.

I started by felting some variation colors onto a machined felt fabric,


Then, I added some dimension with brown felt, stuffed the pieces and added some more dimension with a sharpie.


It really did end up looking great all put together.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t really look as much like steak as it does like meatloaf, or a pork brisket. And I really needed STEAK.


Thankfully, a cartoonish T Bone steak was not hard to reproduce. I figured, hey, when there’s stuff like this on your table…


… and a salad made of feathers yet to come, perhaps realism should take a seat to the cartoonish fanciful version of food.

I did want to point out the green beans on those plates too, because I was able to reuse something I never thought I’d actually end up using, some old bright green straws we have left over from an old roommate!


I basically loosely glued fabric around them, so that they’d have some dimension, and the right color. The dish, all tolled, came out better than I thought it would, and now the director has a choice between two versions of the same dish- always awesome!



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