Apple Pie

It seems like the desserts never end! First cake, then zabaglione, and now apple pie! Regardless, I’m super happy with how this one turned out.


I started with a cardboard base.


I was struggling with how to make the crust look appropriately “rolled” and “pinched” the way that pie crust does, when it hit me that I could cut slats and bend them. So I did!


The top of it looked far too plain so I added some faux lattice work by making cuts and strategically scoring the top in several places.


Then I created a filling with cling wrap and paper.




Finally, I added the paint and the ice cream to give it a little bit of “realism.”


It actually looks really really good, especially compared to the reference photo I used.

images (4)


3 responses to “Apple Pie

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  2. Wow. This one is A-mazing. How did you make the ice cream on top?

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