Rolls and Butter

Where would a several course meal be without a nice basket of rolls and butter on the table?


This was my reference image for the rolls. I’m still considering the coloring, but haven’t come up with an option I like yet.

rolls reference

Basically, the way I did this is I cut four rectangles of sweater, sewed them into tubes, inverted the tubes, and stuffed them with scraps from the sweater (waste not, want not, or “I’m too cheap to use polyfill”)


Then I braided them into little rolls, which remind me more of houska, a specific kind of roll made in the Czech Republic than the research image. Whoops.


I tried to add french knots as “poppy seeds” but they looked more like the rolls were diseased or something.


This is my set up for the butter. I’m actually really proud of this idea, because I had no idea how this was going to work out.

I took some white lace and tea dyed it to give it that lovely tan butter color.


While it was drying, I created some bases from cardboard and ivory colored paper.


There was actual math involved in making them real rectangles!


Then, I covered them in bits of lace to give them some texture and interest.


These are two pieces I’m honestly rather proud of.

IMG_5797 IMG_5732


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