Baby Shower Teddy Bear

So my cousin is having a baby in March (eep) and our aunt is throwing a baby shower for her next week. Unfortunately, the baby shower is in Michigan, and I am not. Fortunately, I had a few hours to do something crafty today, a cashmere sweater with holes in it, and a friend down the hall who owns a sewing machine.

I made a bear.


I got the sweater at Goodwill last week for a whopping $1.75. I thought it was a much better find until I discovered the holes in it, but it was 100% cashmere, and I wasn’t about to let it go to waste. I got the pattern for the bear from the funky friends factory, and got to work!

Here are the supplies I used, plus some extra things I thought I’d need.


I started by cutting up the sweater (I actually only used the arms for the bear, and not even that! I’ve still got plenty of cashmere for another animal another time!) and cutting out the pattern pieces.


I fell in love with its little face almost the minute I started working on it.


I used the ribbed cuff of the sleeves for a little bit of contrast/accent inside the ears and on the backside of the tail.


Then it was time to assemble and stuff the arms and legs and attach them to the bear.


Stuffing it was fun, especially because I’d kept all my little cashmere scraps and used them to stuff the more sensitive/finer areas of the bear, like the snout and the tail, so that the stuffing wouldn’t show through the fabric when I packed it tighter. Waste not, want not!


And finally, it was time for the accent pieces of the bear! I already had the ribbon and the embroidery floss and the beads on hand, thank goodness, so I was able to finish the project all in one afternoon!


I even got to add a little tag salvaged from the sweater so the new mom will know exactly what her child is playing with!


His little face is so adorable I just want to squish him! Alas, into the box he goes, hopefully to be loved by someone else!


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