Grocery Bag

I didn’t have the time, between finals, and actually making my Christmas gifts, to brag about them in detail. Honestly, I lost track of my camera and didn’t even take pictures of a few of my gifts (pendants modeled after this initial pendant pin, and portal themed bandannas for my brother.)

I did, however, just finish a big sewing project which was a gift that I’d like to share. A friend of mine had been given these canvas Chucks, which were custom painted but she never wore because they were awesome, but also two different colors. She was trying to downsize because she’s moving in the spring, and I offered to turn them into a bag, as a Christmas gift for her.



The straps were made by braiding two pairs of shoelaces with nostalgia value together and then setting them into black fabric straps. They’ve not been cut at all, so theoretically one could still cut them out and use them as shoe laces again in the future.


As you can see, I took the original Bread and Cheese theme of the shoes and expanded on it a little bit, running with the food theme. Though it’s an all purpose tote, I think it’s best used to carry groceries!


The original painters of the shoes had written little messages on the inside of the tongues, so I made a little window for them to be visible on the inside of the bag. I didn’t want to lose even a little bit of what made the original shoes so special.


I also wanted to share this stretchy bracelet I made for my mom for Christmas! It’s definitely in her colors, and I made each of the tiles with the peyote stitch.



All in all it was a very successful Christmas!


One response to “Grocery Bag

  1. And I love my bracelet! thanks. mom.

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