Christmas Ornament!

I have to say, the minute I saw the Pintester’s newest Pintester Movement I was excited. I love pretty Christmas Ornaments and I was especially excited because finally this means I can set up a finicky bead project! This project was also exciting because we had the opportunity to share our work with the lovely Jodee from Cheeseblarg who was starting to build her own Christmas tree and ornament collection.

I did cheat a little bit, because the Pintester movement is all about doing things you’ve never done and screwing them up a little bit, so I decided to counteract my expertise in beadwork by working to combine two different pins (and avoiding the ultra polished look of glass ornaments hung with beads- which is what people usually do).

I started with this wrapped beaded ornament. Then, I saw this pictorial wooden spool ornament tutorial. Now as we know, I don’t really need the tutorial for a basic peyote stitch, and actually I decided I didn’t really want to use peyote for this. See, Jodee is one of us, one of the geeky. If you use a square stitch, or a bead loom, you can turn cross stitch patterns into bead loom patterns using a simple reframing of the materials you’re using (just pretend the stitches are beads). There are so many more (and so many more successful) dorky cross stitch patterns out there than there are peyote patterns. And I landed, as I often do, on Doctor Who.

So I created a wrapped ornament with a pictorial band of Daleks around the center, because I’m a show-off. I chose this dalek cross stitch pattern, because it worked best with the medium, and I stole the colors as inspiration from this second dalek cross stitch pattern.


I think it’s pretty cute!


I started with a newspaper and masking tape ball, and added my beadwork using tacky glue to keep it in place, following that first pin’s instructions.


I should have started with the perimeter of the beaded band with my individual strand, but I didn’t on the top because of the hook.


I corrected that mistake on the bottom of the bauble.


I quite like it! I will be sad to see it go to it’s new home, but I know it will be loved there!


10 responses to “Christmas Ornament!

  1. That’s cool! Had no idea beadwork could be a hobby, but it’s super pretty!

  2. I’ve been inspired to one day have a Doctor Who Christmas tree. Thank you! haha

  3. It is very loved .Yours was the first ornament to get to me. I might have squeed when I opened the box and read your note. I also squeed when I opened my PO Box and there was something in it! Thank you. It will be very much at home on my tree!

    • That’s so sweet! I’m glad you got it, and that you really liked it. I mailed it early because I’m in Boston and last time I mailed something it took three weeks to get to Seattle so I wasn’t sure. I’m so happy you like it!

  4. This is so intricate and awesome!!

  5. While I love cross stitch, I can’t handle all the tiny beads. Great job.

  6. Aw, thanks! It was super fun to do, and once you get used to the pixelation system it’s really not as hard as it looks!

  7. Wow, just wow. That is seriously impressive. I tried to send a darlek is a text message once and managed to screw that up. I can only imagine what this would look like if i tired it.

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