Happy Halloween! Hipster Tinkerbell


For Halloween this year I decided to be Hipster Tinkerbell!

Here’s what I needed.



A green dress, a hipster vest (with a conveniently open back for the wings), homemade wings because why would you buy them that’s so mainstream. Totally cute green lace up sneakers, and a wrap scarf which totally makes the outfit as long as you wear it indoors, no matter how warm it is. Top it off with a blue ribbon in your hair (for authenticity). Make sure everyone knows your dress is one of a kind with a sign that reads “My dress is made from 100% tree fiber.” (Alternatively “Growing up is so mainstream”) Complete the look with the biggest plastic frames you can find and bright red lipstick. Try not to cry over the fact that the only reason you did this costume is that all of these things are habitual parts of your wardrobe, including the sign.



Don’t forget to take a totally hipster selfie (even better if you Instagram it with a filter or five) to commemorate the occasion, and how totally over it you are.


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