The Acorn

I have been really busy this week, working on a lot of prop deadlines. First there was Romeo and Juliet, which closes this weekend, and then there was a deadline for a children’s show, so that was busy. It’s actually a prop for that children’s show that I wanted to share today! They needed a big acorn for the show, like the one Scrat from the Ice Age movies is always chasing after.

Acorn Reference

I spent some time and paper mache making one. I started with a balloon and newspaper, making the ridge of the cap out of the rim of a paper plate.


Covered in a couple layers of paper mache, the acorn looked like this.


Now the special thing about this acorn is not that it is big, although that is fun, but that at the end of the story, the acorn cracks open. So after the paper mache dried, I cut it in half.


I set up more newspaper, and the flat parts of some of the plates to be the inside of the nut, and added several more layers of paper mache.



Finally dry, it was time to add a few layers of paint to the project, and suddenly…



It’s a giant acorn which cracks open! How cool is that?


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