Monster Bookmarks Tutorial

I lost the bookmark I’ve been habitually using to keep my place in my planner yesterday. I figured I would take this opportunity to do a How To for a very fun corner bookmark to keep your place in any book!


I got the idea from Pinterest, of course. The source link is from ct baker, and though her version is an origami version, I prefer a variation that involves a little glue, but no visible seams.


You’ll need a few colors of cardstock; red and white for the teeth and tongue, a base color (my fuscia) and a “mouth” color (my light grey/blue). Also a small bit of mod-podge and a brush for applying it.


Because I was working for a specific book, I didn’t bother to measure the paper, I just sort of fit it together. I’d recommend an altitude of 3 in. (the height of the triangle from the right angle to the hypotenuse.)


Take both points (the ones <45 degrees) and fold them up to meet at the right angle.


Draw a line across the paper, from one fold to the other, and cut off your original right angle corner.


Take the corner you’ve cut off, and glue it inside the pocket you’ve formed with your folds, so that the back becomes reinforced.


So far, your bookmark will look like this.


Now, cut a square of your “mouth color”, just slightly smaller than the size of your bookmark. Glue this square into the same position as the triangle, being sure not to glue the bookmark pocket shut.


Now’s the fun part, the embellishments! Cut eyes and teeth out of white paper, and affix them with mod podge.


Cut black pupils, a red tongue, and eyelids from your base color if you so choose. (All of this is totally optional, go crazy and design your own!)



All done! Isn’t he so cute!



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