Earrings for T

T honey, I love you, but you’d better stop reading now if you don’t want to spoil your birthday surprise.

I was terrible last year. Not only was I in a different country, but I totally forgot and didn’t get you anything at all! For a whole year!

But this year is different. This is your 21st. This time, I’m ready.

And yes, I went a bit kid-in-a-candy-store, but this is still about you.

So now that she’s gone. T has just as much of a proclivity for dangling earrings as I do. And I found a whole bunch of colored chain. So I made not one, not three, but four pairs of dangly earrings for every outfit.






Her pretty elephant earrings have been wearing away for a while- they’re base metal and used to be silver. They’re not silver anymore. I couldn’t find elephants, but butterflies are just as good?

I will be road testing these for the next two weeks to make sure they won’t fall to pieces, but come Sep. 1, they’re all yours T!


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