Homesick Earrings

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been doing all that much posting this summer. I’ve been travelling quite a bit and learning as much as I can about prop work, and consequently not doing all that much work for myself.

I made the decision at the beginning of my summer to leave my bead kit in Boston, because it’s hard to travel with. Instead, I decided to try cross stitch, which I’m really enjoying. I didn’t have any issues being parted with my beads until I decided to go bead shopping on Sunday. And standing in the middle of the biggest bead store I’ve ever been in, the homesickness hit me. Hard.

IMG_4948                                                                                 What do we do when we’re homesick? We make earrings!

IMG_4960                                                            My mom’s really partial to ginko leaves. I bet she’d agree with me that they’re super cute.

IMG_4974                                                         Also, I found this lovely enamel chain (which came in so many cool colors it took me 20 minutes to pick just one.) It’s an opera-length loop which I’ve already worn twice and it’s Tuesday.

IMG_4972                                                    Finally, I got my hands on some wire and made a quick ring. I’ve always liked this style, and now I’ve got one of my own!

There’s no cure for homesickness quite like making jewelry. Still, the first thing I’m going to do on my first evening in Boston is to conceptualize and begin on a needlessly intricate piece of seed bead work with the tiniest beads I own.


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