Cross Stitch Adventures Part I

There may not be much individual art coming from me in the next few months, or there may be a ton, it depends on how bored I am. I’m moving to Iowa for an internship tomorrow, and I decided I needed some art for my wall. I made this.IMG_4457                                                                                Inspired by this, which I’ve seen in several places floating around the internet. EDIT: I’ve just been informed the image comes originally from Steotch, who I’m certain I’ve cited before as inspiration.                  hip hop hibby cross stitch                                                                                 Mine’s a selection of some of the lyrics from OK Go’s Crash the Party. Which I love. I love that song.                                                         IMG_4451                                                                                           I stretched it over a frame with the aid of quite a bit of masking tape and some staples.                                                                                                                                                           IMG_4452                                                                                  Here’s the back, finished.                                                             IMG_4457                                                                                      I’m super happy with it!


6 responses to “Cross Stitch Adventures Part I

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  5. The original is from, just fyi. I’m a giant fan of funky cross stitch.

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