I cleaned out my closet and found something cool

When I was a kid, I did every craft you could think of. I was an art fair kid and my closet reflected that. Today, I finally got my possessions at my parent’s place down to a single bookshelf (with a small storage cabinet on top).

I got rid of a lot of stuff. And then I found these little clay animals I’d made. I should clarify, they weren’t made of clay exactly, but this plastic/clay/stuff I’d gotten in Europe which never dries out. (seriously, these were in my closet for years and were still malleable)



I knew I wasn’t going to keep these little guys, because they’re just too darn fragile and I can’t use them for anything, but I figured I’d document them before letting them go.


I’d kept them in this tin to keep them from getting too skooshed. Pencil for scale.



There’s snakes one and two, which were cool color-scale projects for me whenever it was that I made them.



My friend penguin here stands up on his own and everything.



An apple with a worm coming out of it.


A broken heart for… whatever… reason…



A bouquet of lilies because I’d been working on a bead project that got abandoned and the form was on my mind.



And last but not least, my tiniest mouse friend and his cheese.

Farewell my long forgotten about friends, who must have entertained me for a day or so sometime when I was in middle school.




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