Beads Made of Beads (Tutorial Attached)

Update: I’ve re-vamped this post, replacing the photos with higher quality photos as part of my re-vamp series for 2015. Because of this, the beaded bead project from this post is no longer included. Instead I am including this new photo of some new earrings which use beads from all three of my beaded bead tutorials which will be re-vamped and posted here within the next month or so.


This tutorial is for the center bead in the “stack”.


In order to make these beads, you’ll need some 4mm rounds, or beads which are approximately that size. I used size 8/0 seed beads for these particular ones.  You’ll also need at least one kind (I prefer two different kinds) of seed beads. In the case of this tutorial both seed beads I used were a size 11/o, but were two different “cuts”; the purple were a regular glass seed bead and the bronze ones were a “charlotte” cut, which are less regular and have one flat side to provide a reflective sparkle.


First, you’ll string a pattern alternating your larger beads (my 8/0’s) and your larger seed beads (my 11/0 charlottes).  Tie the ends of your thread together to form a circle  Exit the circle through one of the seed beads as shown (it doesn’t matter which one).


String 2 larger seed beads, 1 smaller one, and  two larger ones, and connect to the next large seed bead in the circle.  Repeat four times until you’ve completed the circle.


String through the first part of the first loop and exit the top smaller seed bead as shown.


Connect the four top larger seed beads as shown.


Pull tight and tie off.


Do not cut thread, instead work thread through seed beads until you are exiting a large seed bead from the original circle. Repeat the process for the other side of the bead.  Close the bead and tie it off.


Your bead should look like this.  The trickiest part of this bead is getting the tension in your thread right so that the bead lies nice and tight together, and doesn’t loosen up.

As always, questions and comments are welcome in the comments section, and keep your eyes open for more beaded bead tutorials coming soon!


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