DIY Notepad/Clipboard

Hi all.

It’s that time of year again!

I’m going to post many many more of my projects on here after the holidays, but as you probably already know, I like to make my gifts and give them to people who read this blog. In order to not spoil the surprise, it must wait.

My Grandmother, however, does not read this blog. So I can share the notepad/clipboard I made for her for Christmas. I made it so that she’ll have paper on which to write things down when she’s near her computer or on the phone. She’s currently always running for scrap paper, so this will be useful.


This is the back of the clipboard, with a pretty image from a card I got earlier this year. (reduce, reuse, ect…)



This is the front, with the clip and the notepad which I made from a remembered tip on Pinterest. I decided to test it out on a whim and was surprised that it totally worked!


Underneath the papers I glued in another piece of the brown paper from the card, and stenciled in “Babi” which is the Czech word for Grandma (and what we call her), basically using the same process as I did for my portfolios, earlier this year.

I’m really pleased with the finished product!



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