Backstage at the Estates Theatre

So, these past few weeks have been mega busy for me. Not only have I been working on the shows (plural. Very plural) which all finally closed as of Saturday night, but I’ve been travelling with work, both to Brno, which is a lovely little town I’ve actually been to before, and to Olomouc which is here.


For those reasons I’ve been slipping a bit when it comes to blogging, but fear not! This post will be worth the wait (if you enjoy living vicariously). I’m putting it up on both blogs because it’s of historical/cultural significance and because it has to do with the awesomeness of theatre, and therefore it belongs on both blogs.

I got a backstage tour of the Estates Theatre last week. More specifically, as a group, PSF got to go tour not only the backstage area of the Estates, not only the audience, but we got to stand on the stage where the current production of Don Giovanni is being performed. We got to stand where Mozart stood.


The group got to go on stage

Experience the enormity of the equipment

Even the Stage Manager’s spot!

They have a literal iron curtain which comes down in the event of a fire, so that only half of the people involved get burned. There are also fire escapes every which way. It’s actually rather impressive.


The house itself is absolutely gorgeous, all blue and gold gilding.


Just to prove I was actually there. Super cool right? They’ve got these official “info sheets” for our plays as well, and I’m definitely itching to get my hands on a copy.

It was a good weekend.





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