The Last Build

Otherwise known as a rushed build I did for some lockets which needed to be abused in various ways.

I spent about forever trying to find good looking real antique lockets (I’m in Europe people, there’ve got to be some around somewhere) before getting the note that they needed to be all kinds of consumable. Enter the painted lace strategy.


Grab some lace and some paper. Cut the lace apart strategically, and glue to paper. Paint. Re-print and re-glue the pictures, because you got paint on them when you were adding a bit of watered down brown paint to age the really awesome looking gold paint you were using. (also used here and here)

Attach jump rings and chain/ribbon. What’s that one that looks like it’s made of hair you ask? It is made of hair! We had problems with flowers going all over the place in the sweets to the sweet moment, and so we ended up going with a little amulet of Ophelia’s hair, as something Gertrude could put around her neck.


I brought in 3 options, just because. None of them were super polished because I was pressed for time, but there you go.


Here’s a vanity picture of the prop table, because I am vain and need validation on occasion.

Show week ho! You’ll hear from me again on the other side!



One response to “The Last Build

  1. You are amazing! Enjoy the show!

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