Fake Wax Seals and Paper Props

Hello everyone! I’ve  got at least one more small build to finish- so you’ll get to see at least that before the show goes up, but for now, I’ll just leave this here…

These are all of the paper props for the show!

Love notes for Ophelia

Hamlet’s letter to Horatio, and a list of advice from Polonius to Laertes

One of Polonius’ letters of credit for Laertes (who is in France at this point in the show)

Voltimand’s official documents  (and portfolio)

Notice the similarity of the seals? Yeah? They’re all the same thing in different sizes and I am disproportionately proud of that.

Speaking of seals! They’re all fake (wax, when on letters which get opened, gets everywhere (especially under the really-close lighting of the space. It’s a rather intimate space. I also don’t have my sealing wax kit here.)

First, I pressed half dry hot glue with the top of a tube of chapstick (for the larger ones, the bottom of a film canister)

Add a bit of paint…

Glue in paper inserts in the right size with the designs done in two coats of the goopiest nail polish which ever had the misfortune of being sold. (Got the idea from various searches on DIY puffy paint- most of them are elmer’s glue and food coloring, but one was nailpolish and paint)

Voila! Half decent fake wax seals (for letters that need to open, I split them down the center with a box cutter)

They’re a bit thicker than I’d like, but that’s a note for next time I do a show and am separated from my wax sealing kit which I will make sure is never.

Oh! And Prague is awesome, Tina is awesome, and the show is going to be great!


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