The Sparkly-est of the Sparkly

Hello Everybody!

I’ve been busy, did a show this weekend (more on that to come) and also was helping out with the orientation, so it’s been a bit chaotic. However, there was a *ahem* silver lining to all this.

Bad joke, yes I know. But I was invited to a function this evening, and therefore I needed awesome sparkly jewelry to wear. I raided my pitifully small stash of Swarovski stuff, and came up with this necklace/earring combo.

The earrings aren’t really my style, so I’ve taken them apart already, but I bought a ton of base-metal chain for super cheap. 50 cents a meter cheap. You can expect a few posts including obscene amounts of chain in the near future. Provided I don’t get super busy again.

But still. Sparkly jewelry!


2 responses to “The Sparkly-est of the Sparkly

  1. Colleagues are asking when you will have your Etsy site up again.

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