Chain Bracelet

I’ve been adventuring in the land of peyote stitch for a while, I’ll admit, but there was one project which had been itching at the back of my mind for a really long time. It’s not an original design, I didn’t even end up changing the color choice. It’s a design from my long-time hero from the bead world Diane Fitzgerald‘s book Shaped Beadwork. Her innovative way of creating geometrical shapes from seed beads captured my imagination, even if the book sat on my shelf for a year after I got it (autographed too!) because I couldn’t seem to get the stitch to work out correctly.

I kept at it, every time a project popped up that might be perfect for her designs, and eventually I made it work with this project all the way back in February.

If you recall, I had made a bracelet and needed a pendant in the same color so that I would have something to wear it with.

Having done that, I began to formulate my next big project inspired from her book. As you may have guessed, I dislike simply repeating other people’s projects. I prefer to add my own twist to any design, but Diane Fitzgerald’s beaded chain was so perfect I couldn’t help myself. I had to have one, colors and all.

Granted, I still don’t have one. Her version is a necklace (which I am working on; I am planning a necklace somewhere between an opera length and a lariat length)

(Capture from Google Books)

Her version has a stripe of black beads around the outside, but when I finally got the beads, I didn’t have the book with me, so I decided to work from memory. I guess that does make my version unique!

The other thing I decided I wanted to change was the clasp mechanism. Toggles are easy to make, I’ve done it several times, and because of that they’re easy to make to match your project, but as a fundamental rule, I don’t trust toggle clasps. I decided to embed two small magnet clasps into half-ovals, so that I could clasp it together easily, and even better I could use the same clasp on a bracelet length chain, or a necklace length chain. No fuss, no muss! It’ll keep me from wearing both at the same time too, which I think would be just too much going on.

When I have the necklace done, sometime in the far off future (these things take time), I’ll share that too!


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