Design Issues. They Abound.

This post is going to be a bit of a technical jargon filled rant, and for that I apologize. I’m still gonna spread it in the hope that someone can say something that helps me with this dilemma. The reason I’ve been slow at updating is not that I’ve been travelling all over the place and it’s not that I’m super busy with work, but actually that I’m a bit stuck on this project.

See, I’ve been reinventing myself as an artist, because I have the time to, and because I’ve been thinking more about my “brand”. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but I do really fun stitch work, which is more modern than most of the stuff you see, as well as being more versatile. I’ve been trying to find my voice in jewelry for a long time, and especially now that I’m in the land of glass beads, I’m getting there.

Then I decided to try and do a tapestry piece. More to come on that later. Thankfully, I got stuck on trying to find the right beads for the project, or I would have started and wasted a lot of thread. So that project is on hold, but then I saw this image, from the always awesome Steotch. I posted about it earlier.


Inspiration struck. I wanted to make a bracelet in a similar vein to my Sashiko bracelets.

Then I realized that in order to pixellate my lyrics correctly (I chose the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire theme) I’d have to do a square stitch. I started with that, but quickly realized that the issue would be the stiffness of the finished work, which I talked about in my Dr Who Scarf post which was also full of jargon-y bead stuff. So, with half my bead stuff in the US, and the bead loom at my parents place about a year away from me, I improvised.

It actually worked out pretty well, despite my inability to stick to a design without making mistakes. Then another issue reared its ugly head. Remember (or pretend to) how in the Dr. Who post I discussed the rows of beads creating the right texture for the work? Well the texture that worked so well for that project didn’t here.

It doesn’t feel as solid, or as much like one piece which happens to be made of beads, which is the feeling I think I succeeded with for the Sashiko piece. It feels more like something I made at summer camp, like a friendship bracelet. Admittedly, this is a much more advanced version, but didn’t we all have those beaded bracelets with our names on them? I just don’t like the juvenile feeling behind it, because it limits the uses of the jewelry. My goal is to bring bead weaving to a place where it’s primary function is not as a crazy art piece or a friendship bracelet, but to a place where it is an every day accessory for people who are too old to go to camp, even as a counselor, but too young to have kids over the age of 15.

That being said, I’m going to start to play with peyote stitch fonts, and hopefully I can find something which would be as regular, but if anyone has any other ideas for how I can make this work, please let me know. Anything constructive you have to say might trigger the solution in my brain.

Take this as a warning that posting times will be longer as long as I am preoccupied with this particular nasty dilemma.


3 responses to “Design Issues. They Abound.

  1. Do you sell your items?

    • Yes I do! Currently I’m on hiatus for an unknown period of time but if you’re interested in a specific piece please contact me! You can check out the “for sale”/category to see items I would be able to sell.

  2. I don’t think you should limit the appeal of your work to a certain age group. I am too old to go to camp and I have kids over the age of 15, yet I would love to have and use these pieces! Keep up the excellent exploration.

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