Czech Christmas Ornaments

I swear this relates to beadwork.

My grandmother visited the village of Ponikly, in the Krkonoše mountain range (blog post here) a while ago, and like the hoarder she is (I swear it’s an inherited gene) she picked up a box full of all the broken glass and discarded ornament pieces.

Let me backtrack and explain. The Czech Republic is known for it’s glass and crystal work. Czech glass beads are really good quality, and usually hand made. I’ve discussed the seed beads from the region before, and Czech crystal is really well known and something tourists always pick up. The new(ish) crystal company, Preciosa, which rivals Swarovski now, is a Czech company. And the Christmas Ornaments are also very well known.


About half  Czech ornaments are one larger size, about the size of an apple, glass, blowing into a mold and painted. The other half are beaded together using thin wire. The beads are made the same way.

Antique beaded glass Czech Christmas ornament

Anyway, so my grandmother went to Ponikly, which is a town which is known for it’s glass work, and she picked up a box of broken glass beads, and tried to give them all to me. I promptly discarded half of them, but there were some real treasures in the mix.

I know, I know, my idea of a treasure is a little different than anyone else’s.


These, like all the other ornaments, are intended to be painted a metallic silver color, which didn’t work out so well and that’s why they were discarded. What they do is they take hot glass and put it into a mold form, in this case a mold intended to create a whole bunch of smaller beads. Then they blow into it, and add the color and blog again, so that the glass is hollow and takes the shape of the mold. Then they cut the pieces apart.


I haven’t got a specific idea yet for these, but they were too good to let go.

I’ve actually been meaning to try the coloring method I’ve seen several places on Pinterest with the nail polish, and this might be the place to do that. The beads are ugly, in color, and free after all, but they have cool textures to them.

These guys and my fish head up there are going to turn into little monsters, I think. I really love the randomness of the discarded pieces.

I’ll keep you updated on what these become!







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